Friday, November 11, 2016

~~ Bees and Me ~~

Today is my last day at work. I was finishing my unfinished businesses. Suddenly I heard that maid of this house shouted "bees are leaving !" 

Oh ! I forgot to say about my work place. It's a volunteer base non-government organization, located at the second floor of a house which belongs to the president of this organization. Indeed a nice place. Usually foreign and local volunteers visit here to help us and the environment is so cool. Yup. It sounds heavenly !

But, there is something strange here. People just come and go. Nobody wants to stay so long. A month or two is the longest for anybody. May be the hardship or distance or whatever makes them feel not to stay but to leave. I don't know.

2016 arrives and I came at the dawn of the new year as a project coordinator of the first funded project of this 15 year old organization. The first coordinator left her job after two months and I came as the replacement. It was my first outdoor experience as a newly graduated student. Thank GOD ! I loved to travel and work with people. Gradually, the new doors opened on my way and I had my first overseas experience after three months. Life was good !!

One day, I heard humming outside of the window at my work place. Usually I'm not an environment lover so I cannot understand the sounds of animals differently. But, for the first time I recognized this sound as humming of bees. I shouted. 

"Bees are coming !"

It was such a good news for all of us because my superior does gardening as her hobby. She had two boxes for bee keeping and she was waiting months or years to see 'bees'. She had them soon after she fixed those but those bees left her when the time comes as humans whom around her. Everybody was so happy and wondered how quickly I could recognized those bees. 

Months passed in the blink of an eye. I had to faced so many challenges. I had to work hard. I had no leaves. I had no appreciation for my hardships. I had no personal life. I had nothing for myself at the end. Yes. I was so down and worried about myself. 

"What am I doing here? I'm capable enough to move and find a new place to work. Why should I stay here?"

I missed my self. I was about to leave. So I gave my resignation to my superior ultimately. It was just two months before completing my project. Everybody got shocked as I expected !!!

I was the only one who stayed 8 months here. It was kinda a record in this organization and I knew that my superior will face a hard time without me running this project. So we both decided to stay till we find a suitable replacement. Meantime, options and new packages came along my way to re consider my resignation. 

At the end, we found nobody to similar with my capacity to handover my project and I decided to finish it by myself. After two months, I completed it successfully and heard what I wanted to here since I joined with this organization. 

"This is the most effective coordinator I had in my 15 years of this organization"

Aha. That's enough. I made this organization socially and financially stable as much as I could. I gave opportunities for those who need. Everybody loves me and still worrying about my decision including our maid and drivers. I did my best and this is the high time to leave. 

So, I was preparing to leave though I had known that my superior doesn't want to send me off. I was busy with cleaning and settling my things. No regrets. I was bit exited about my next move. And then, suddenly I heard our maid's voice. 

"Bees are leaving !" 

Can this be happen? I felt strange. I told you once. I'm not an environmental lover. The only thing I could recognized after joining with my team is these bees. They are not done with their business as our maid says. But they left all of a sudden. I heard she said, 

"Bees who came after her left before her.........."

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